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MY TOWN by Felix


My name is Felix, I live in a small town called "ALBACETE".

ALBACETE is located in the southeast of Spain.

Albacete is a small town 
but it has all the facilities of a big city like Madrid.
 There are cinemas, theaters, bullfights place, parks, museums, gyms, shopping centers, airports,  train station, bus station, and a military base.

The Albacete´sCathedral is called San Juan Cathedral and  it began to build in 1515 and it was finished in 1949, it is opposite the Town Hall and the Museum of Cutlery.

The local holidays are very famous, they are known as "THE FAIR" . Every year it begins on 7th September and ends on 17th.

There are many attractions, 
I like  the kangaroo attraction. It is very funny.

The Circus Theatre is a very old theatre, in the roof there are many lights, they are the stars and the constellations. It next to the Altozano square.

 Chamber of Commerce: is a very nice old building in the center of the town, near the park Abelardo Sánchez.
In ALBACETE there are  many shopping centres 
and fassion shops.

There is a famous BULLRING, too.

Albacete is a very funny city 

I love it!!!!!!!

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